Aquarius Falling

It’s the summer of 1964 in Ocean City and the region seethes in racial unrest. The Vietnam War escalates. The Beatles lead the British Invasion in the takeover of rock-and-roll. It is the Age of Aquarius, and against this backdrop, Tom Delaney loses his college scholarship just a year before graduation. With no money or family to fall back on, he hopes to find work at a thriving beachfront to avoid the draft and salvage his dreams.
Delaney soon encounters new friends who vie for his talents and will dramatically alter his future. Wendy Morrison, a beautiful surfer girl, want his heart, the volatile criminal, John E. Walker, needs an accomplice, an exotic astrologer, Misty Vail, desires control of his destiny, and mob boss, Louis “Spam” Spamanado, wants his mind. Swirling in a maelstrom of bigotry, petty crime, prostitution, and cocaine, Delaney struggles against waves of unbidden change to avoid arrest and the loss of what’s left of his soul.
Aquarius Falling is a fateful story of opportunity, love, and decision.

“The characters leap off the pages, settle into the reader’s heart, and sometimes are savagely ripped out again by some twist of fate.”
AllBooks Review

“Tucker allows the fiction writer’s imagination to inject a fresh character into the proceedings …which the great Alfred Hitchcock used to great effect…”
San Francisco Book Review

“The story remains unpredictably original and truthful to the last word.”
Late Last Night Books Review
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