Capricorn’s Collapse

When the Mob pays for your college education, they expect to be paid back. Not with money but with service. That is how young Tom Delaney becomes an accountant for the Baltimore mob. His specialty is phony tax returns and money laundering.
While Delaney tries to find options for getting out from under the oppressive thumb of the Baltimore mob, his old flame, Misty Vail, appears, disrupts his domestic life, and brings him a new client that will draw him into the Watergate Scandal.
When his mob boss, Louis “Spam” Spamanado, puts him to work laundering money for the IRA, his job becomes more than he bargained.
Delaney must keep one step ahead as death stalks him and those he cares about.

“The characters leap off the pages, settle into the reader’s heart, and sometimes are savagely ripped out again by some twist of fate.”
AllBooks Review

“Tucker allows the fiction writer’s imagination to inject a fresh character into the proceedings …which the great Alfred Hitchcock used to great effect…”
San Francisco Book Review

“The story remains unpredictably original and truthful to the last word.”
Late Last Night Books Review