The Gardner Paintings


devices by Michael J. Tucker
It has been more than twenty-five years since the infamous theft of master artworks from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. The crime has never been solved. There have been suspicions, but nothing that ever led to an arrest of the perpetrators, or return of the paintings. Not the FBI or even a $5 million reward could solve the “art crime of the Century.”
The world never knew they were on private display for the personal pleasure of Alberto Carlissimo, a retired mobster.
Mister Carlissimo has a young girl friend with an eye for turquoise jewelry, and only the best quality of turquoise can be found at Savage Western Couture, a high-end boutique owned by Katie Savage.
Katie is invited to the Carlissimo mansion to display her finest and most expensive turquoise jewelry. She has great success in negotiating a sale, but once she spies the stolen Gardner Paintings can she negotiate getting out alive?

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